A new section within the R&D division of LFEL

Press release
PhD Sophie MARIA,

graduated from the Doctoral School « Biology-Health » of Bordeaux and manage by PhD Hélène LALO.

Created in 2014, the E-Liquid French Laboratory has rapidly become the reference player in the vaping world. Whether for its service transactions or the implementation of its R&D division, LFEL Managers wish has always been to create a cross-disciplinary team. Thanks to a proven physic/chemical expertise, the laboratory has become a privileged interlocutor with the institutions and professional of this sector in many fields, in particular about the standardization matters.

Provided with a broad field of action, LFEL is increasing once more and is about to set up a biological section within the R&D department. The aim will be to carry out a scientific oversight in order to interpret and comment some publications, in particular those taken up by the news websites, but also to do an in-depth study of the toxicological impact of the vaping phenomenon on human.

From the start, The R&D first works were to understand how the e-cigarette worked from a chemical (e-liquid composition) and physical (consumer and equipment behaviour: clearomizer, battery, wick …) point of view.  To carry out them, LFEL has developed with partners integrated in the sector, U-SAV (Universal System for Analysis of Vaping), the first vaping machine ables to reproduce, control and measure the different physical parameters of vaporization. It has become nowadays an essential tool to generate vapour controlled and adapted to research needs.

The creation of a section dedicated to studying the vaping impact under a biological aspect completes this approach. LFEL intends to continue to defend this revolutionary innovation which is the e-cigarette by providing clear and objective answers on its functioning and its consequences.

PhD Sophie Maria, graduated from the Doctoral School « Biology-Health » of Bordeaux has been selected for this function. Therefore, she has joined the R&D team managed by PhD Hélène Lalo. Her mission will be in the first place to produce a synthesis of the bibliography available on these matters, and then to implement an action plan to carry out the first series of studies. She will also have to develop partnerships with independent laboratories and find financings.

VapeCell, innovation serving Biology

The R&D bio project has been named VapeCell, it should bring several scientists together coming from diverse backgrounds. The use of the vaping robot U-SAV will allow to expose cells to controlled generated steam on healthy human lung tissues in order to control the impact of the real vaping exposition on the user. The aim is to determinate toxicity thresholds when using personal spray and the influence of the e-liquid chemical composition.

This research will be regularly published in prestigious science newspapers (Wiley, Elsevier, ACS…), but also in vaping specialised magazines in order to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, it will also be published on our website: www.lfel.fr

Time and again, LFEL brings together experts serving vape.

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