LFEL supports the “Féminité sans Abri” Association


“Féminité sans Abri” is a concept shared on Facebook, then a group and association founded by Lucie Sanchez based on her professional and personal experiences to uphold women’s rights to dignity.

Women are experiencing increasing insecurity and they’re losing a little more of their femininity and dignity every day being on the street. Unfortunately, this report is on the rise and now affects more and more people including families.

Lucie’s idea: collect samples of toiletries, cosmetics and hygiene products and distribute them to people in difficult situations. Cleanliness is the foundation for getting your self-esteem back after all!

The “Féminité sans Abri” concept is a project based on ecology, helping people without expecting anything in return, wasting less and not over-consuming; it’s about sharing and community.

The LFEL and VDLV wanted to get involved in the project and collect products within their teams.

As much as 24kg of toiletries of all kinds were collected and dropped off at the association: this collection will go into making countless kits and restore a bit of dignity to a multitude of people.

We are delighted to have been part of a community effort and support this fantastic association.

Find out more about the association on the website: http://feminitesansabri.fr/

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